Five Futures Types You Should Be Aware Of

Speculators who aim to profit from price swings frequently use quotex in various markets as a hedge against price volatility. A futures contract allows a buyer or seller the option to purchase or dispose of a particular item at a predetermined future price.

Both the financial and commodity markets provide a wide variety of futures. Futures on stocks, currencies, indices, and interests are a few examples of financial futures. In addition, agricultural products, gold, cotton, oil, oilseeds, and other commodities are all covered by futures contracts.

Stock Futures
India saw the introduction of the Stock Futures Index Futures in 2000. and then, a few years later, individual stock futures. Investing in stock futures has several benefits. Leverage is by far the biggest. Before investing in stock futures, you must make an initial margin deposit with the broker. You will make more money when there are more transactions, but more hazards will also be involved.

Index Futures
The phrase “index futures” refers to futures contracts that let traders buy or sell an agreement from an economic index today to be settled at a later futures are now available to private investors, despite being initially designed for institutional investors. Traders use these contracts to speculate on the indexes of price direction. Additionally, they use index futures to protect their equity investments from losses.

Forex Future
Currency futures are one of several kinds of financial futures. With the help of this futures contract, you can exchange one currency for another at a specified rate at a future date set in advance. Both speculators and people looking to shed their risks employ these. To protect against potential currency appreciation against the rupee, an importer in India would, for instance, buy USD futures.

Commodities Futures
Hedging against future price changes in various commodities, such as agricultural products, silver, gold, petroleum, etc., is possible via commodity futures. Gamblers also use them to wager on price changes. Since currency markets are unpredictable, prominent institutional participants like governments and private enterprises usually dominate them.

Futures of interest rates
One of the various futures kinds is an interest rate future. Again, a contract to purchase or sell a debt instrument at a given price on a particular date is involved. Treasury bills or government bonds serve as the underlying assets. These can be traded on the BSE and NSE.